This year the field at Amsterdam #2 will be used as is (lined in white) for U13 and U14 games and it will also be used for U9, U10, U11, and U12 games.  For the younger ages, we'll use smaller goals and the field will be smaller (lined in red).


As a reminder AMS#2 is the field on the left as you drive into the parking lot off of Hoags Cross Rd.


If you are a U9, U10, U11, or U12 team and you have the first U12-or-under game of the day at AMS#2 you need to:


1) Move the portable goals from behind the large goals and set them up on the red-lined field.

2) You will see a small round red plate in the field behind where each of the goals should be situated. You need to remove the lid and use the chain in the small hole to secure each goal (attach chain to bottom  of goal).

3) You need to move all four flags to the corners of the red-lined field.  This will be easy to spot since you'll see the small arcs where the corner kicks would be taken from.

4) Finally, you need to make sure the referee and your opponent know the precise boundaries of the field.



If you are the last U9, U10, U11, or U12 game of the day, you need to:


1) Move everything back after the game.  That means putting the goals and the sand bags back behind the large goals.

2) Place the chains back in the ground and make sure the plates are flush with the grass.

3) Move the flags back to the corners of the large white-lined field.