• When to pay the trainers?
    Each trainer operates on their own payment schedule. Some like to be paid monthly, others half way thru the season and again at the end. A few trainers like to be paid for half of the season up front and then the remainder at the end. You can work it out with him/her. The only thing we ask is that you NEVER pay more than 50% of the season up front. We also request that you do not make personal loans to the trainers.
    How do I find out if my game is uncovered?
    Click referee information on the left
    Click WSRO at the bottom
    Click Uncovered games at the top
    How do I find out about tournaments?
    On the WYSL there is a link to a list of tournaments on the left.
    Game procedures:


    • Confirm game date, time and location with opponents. EARLY in the week.
    • Check list of uncovered games. If your game is not covered, you should let Francis Fitzpatrick know. He has a list of certified refs in Chappaqua.
    • Print out a lineup sheet including the game number. (see how to print out a line up under coaches corner.)
    • Set up goals and corner flags if necessary.
    • Give the lineup sheet and passes to the ref.
    • If you have lost your passes, you should let CYSC know. You will need to obtain new passes. There is a  replacement fee for each pass. (Don’t lose them!!!)
    • Police trash. CLEAN up the fields. Yes the opponent’s trash too.
    • NO DOGS on any field
    • Remove goals and corner flags if necessary. If you are the last game move the goals.

    AMS – small goals to the golf course side of the field
    7 Bridges Upper – behind the 1 yard line
    7 Bridge Lower – back to the walls (equivalent to the 1 yard line) chained with a lock to the posts
    Rec field to the bushes/fence opposite Town Hall
    UG – Leave as is
    SUNY – first game bring the flags with you. Last game return them.
    Flags are kept at Jeff Scheine’s house 189 Deerfield Lane North

    Have your players' medical release forms with you. (a MUST)


    • Report score to . BEFORE 8pm
    • If you want to provide ref feedback (good only) at http://wyslsoccer.org/Referees/113295.html.
    • Any bad ref feedback needs to be reviewed by Jay or Lisa before it is submitted.


  • Who must register online? ALL players and coaches must register online. Even returning players and coaches must register online.

  • What do I need to do to get my team registered with the league?

  • When are fees due? The club fee is immediatly upon registration. Every player must pay the club fee of $225. 
  •  How do I get uniforms and warmups? Click uniforms on the left side of the CYSC website.
  • Can different players on my team have the same jersey number? This is not allowed. New players will be given new unique numbers. CYSC will assign all numbers.

  • How long do uniform and warmup order take? Anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. To be safe, you should allow at least 4 weeks.

  • Do I need practice jerseys? Yes! The club does requires standard practice jerseys.

Can you tell me more about preseason camp? Typically, each team spends a week together during the preseason camp, plays in a Labor Day tournament and then starts league play. The hours and fields will be determined once the town gives the club fields. This is usually not until August. The club does its best to accommodate requests from the coaches, but last season the club had to use 3 3-hour sessions on the fields to accommodate all the teams. The teams can use their own trainers. If a team's trainer is not available, then the club will assign a trainer.

  • Tournaments? The club recommends that every team plays in at least 2 tournaments. Most teams play in more. The club's tournament page is a good place to start looking. A good place to start reading about tournaments in general is the Manhattan Soccer Club Tournaments Information Page (see the link at the top of club's tournament page).