• Confirm game date, time and location with opponents.

  • Check list of uncovered games -- http://www.wsroref.com/main.htm?page=uncov. If your game is not covered, you should let Francis Fitzpatrick know. He has a list of certified refs in Chappaqua.

  • Print out a lineup card from Sportssign up. Click

  • Set up goals and corner flags if necessary.

  • Give the lineup card and passes to the ref.

  • If you have lost your passes, you should let the CYSC know. You will need to obtain new passes. There is a $10 replacement fee for each pass.

  • Police trash.

  • Remove goals and corner flags if necessary.

    Have your players' medical release forms with you. Click here for the form. 

  • Report score thru the score reporting APP.

  • If the game was cancelled, use the make-up form. Click here for the form.

  • Provide ref feedback (good or bad) at http://wyslsoccer.org/Referees/113295.html.