The Club’s objectives are to provide children and young adults with the opportunity to participate in a soccer experience where they can develop positive self-esteem and build character by learning the virtues of hard work, respect, honesty, self-control, teamwork, competition and sportsmanship.
To achieve these objectives, the Club encourages its coaches and team parents to adopt a philosophy that seeks to achieve the following for the players:

1.  To promote sportsmanship among the players, coaches and parents, and most importantly to have fun!

2.  To teach the techniques and rules of soccer.

3.  To provide physical conditioning.

4.  To provide an enjoyable and educational athletic experience for all participants.

5.  To improve and develop the skills of all players.

6.  To inspire a passion for soccer for all participants.

7.  To provide a higher level of competition for the more skilled players.

8. To respect teammates, coaches, opponents, the referee and the laws of the game.