Chappaqua Youth Soccer Club

 Tournament Guidelines


It is strongly encouraged that CYSC teams participate in tournaments. Tournaments build team morale, offer varying levels of competition and develop the team as a whole. Below are general guidelines that the Team Parent Coaches and Managers can refer to when setting up a tournament for their team.


  • Most teams enter at least 2 tournaments a year.  The tournaments generally fall on long holiday weekends (Labor Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day) but are also scattered throughout the year. 

  • Tournament sign ups come out of team dues and must be factored into the overall team finances at the start of the year/season.  

  • When picking a tournament, speak with your trainer first and agree on an appropriate tournament (based on skill level of the team, location, etc.).  It may also be a good idea to speak with other CYSC Team Managers or the CYSC Board age group coordinator to become more familiar with tournament options and find the right fit for your team.

  • It is strongly recommended that the team Trainer attend the tournament.  This means discussing the trainers availability with them in advance. 

  • If the trainer is attending a tournament with one of his/her other teams on a weekend you would like to enter your team in a tournament, you can try to see if there is an appropriate tournament on the other day (if both are one-day tournaments). Another option is to attend the same tournament on the same day as the other team, and request that the tournament director takes into account that both teams have the same coach when setting the schedules.  This may result in the trainer being able to cover at least some of the games.

  • If your trainer can absolutely not attend you can ask them to recommend another CYSC trainer to cover your team or reach out to your CYSC age group coordinator for assistance. A team may proceed without a CYSC trainer and rely on the parent coaches in the event that a trainer is absolutely unavailable. In this situation the CYSC Board would ask that the Team Trainer supply line-ups, game plans and overall input on play time and positioning for the tournament.

  • The Team Manager will need to confirm player interest and availability before signing the team up for the tournament.

  • The Team Manager will need to familiarize themselves with tournament specific roster rules. Some rosters will freeze at a certain point.  This means you may need to anticipate and appropriately roster players who might be serving as subs for your team.

  • Tournament details would need to be clearly communicated to the team as they develop.  This includes field locations/maps, game times and tournament rules.

  • Some teams send out a snack sign up when the team is scheduled to participate in an all day tournament.  This is at the discretion of the manager/coach/trainer. A general sign up will include a tent, folding table, drinks and snacks.


Tournaments CYSC Teams have participated in:


Labor Day Weekend

Columbus Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend




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