Chappaqua Youth Soccer Club



Parent/guardian chaperones are mandatory at each team practice and pre-season camp session.  Chaperones provide a second set of eyes, bathroom assistance, deal with injuries and confirm that each child has been picked up at the end of practice.  Below are a few additional notes on CYSC Chaperones.


  • Chaperones must have access to a team roster in the event a parent/guardian needs to be contacted.


  • The Team Manager is responsible for setting up a chaperone for each team practice.  They can assign practice dates at the start of the season or setup a sign up (signupgenius.com) to allow people to pick their own dates.  


  • The responsibility is equally shared between all parents. Parent coaches and managers are not required to serve as chaperones given their involvement as volunteers but most still share this responsibility.


  • After chaperone dates are assigned people can “swap” if they need to.  If someone cannot fulfill their chaperone duty it is their responsibility to find someone to swap with and inform the manager of the change.


  • During pre-season camp 2 chaperones should be assigned to split the 3 hour session.


  • Chaperones duties include: dealing with any ill or injured children, monitoring kids going to/from the bathroom and remaining at the field until all children are picked up from practice.  The Team Manager should remind parents of these responsibilities when setting up the chaperone schedule.