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A  Letter from the Presidents of  the Chappaqua Youth Soccer Club (CYSC) Fall 2015

Chappaqua Youth Soccer Club is looking forward to a successful 2015/16 season. In the upcoming spring season we expect to have 31 girls and boys teams and close to 500 players. Both interest and participation in the CYSC continues to grow. The 31 teams range from 3rd grade through High School and play in various divisions against various levels of competition in the Westchester Youth Soccer League. This allows players and teams of differing levels of ability to have both a competitive and challenging experience. 

An organization of this size would not be able to function without the efforts of the many people who volunteer their time to make everyone’s soccer experience a memorable and enjoyable one. These volunteers include the more than 100 coaches and team managers who spend countless hours each week during the season (and in many cases during the off-season) in order to make their team’s experience a fulfilling and challenging one. There are also 13 members of the CYSC board attending to different matters that help to make the program run smoothly and are constantly thinking about new ways to improve the overall program.

Once again, the CYSC would like to thank all the parents and other family members that spend hours upon hours driving their children to practices and games and support their children by attending their games and rooting them on in a constructive and positive manner. Without the efforts of all these people the program would not be the success that it is today.
Finally, we wish huge success to the Greeley boys and Greeley girls varsity and JV soccer teams.  

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the past success of the Greeley high school soccer teams, including the many former coaches, trainers and players who were part of many of these players soccer experience when they played in the CYSC. For many players who are currently on CYSC teams you will have the opportunity to experience similar success when you attend Greeley.