1.                 Teams play in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL – wyslsoccer.org). Generally, there is a 10 game season during the fall and a 10 game season during the spring. In some cases teams only play 9 games during a season based on the number of teams in a specific division. The WYSL coach’s handbook is available on the WYSL website.
2.                 Assuming a sufficient number of players tryouts, there will be one select team and multiple balanced teams at U9, three teams at the U10 and U11 age groups and two teams at the older age groups. The U10 and U11 teams will typically have between 12 and 14 players and the U12 and older teams will typically have between 15 and 18 players. Team sizes will be determined by the board. The U10 teams play 8 v 8 (including goalies), the U11 teams 9 v 9 and the U12 and older teams play 11 v 11. Teams for U10 and older will be divided by ability.
3.                 At U10 and older the teams will be chosen based on ability. The A team will likely play in a higher division than the B team and the B team will likely play in a higher division than the C team. When a player moves from U11 to U12 the number of teams goes from 3 to 2 and as a result there are less spots available in the program at the U12 level as compared with the U11 level.
4.                 Teams at the U10 and U11 levels should emphasize player development. The success of these teams will not be measured by the number of wins but instead whether the player’s soccer skills have improved and their passion for soccer has grown.
5.                 A player must reside in either the Town of New Castle or be elligible to attend schools in the  Chappaqua Central School District to be eligible to play for a team in the CYSC.
6.                 Each age group has a CYSC age group coordinator. Any issues that coaches or parents have should be brought to the immediate attention of the age group coordinator. The age group coordinators can be found on the CYSC website.
7.                 The age group coordinator (or another board member) will also assist in administering the tryout process and the team registration process.
8.                 Each year anyone who wants to coach needs to submit a coaching application to the CYSC coaching committee. The application is on the CYSC website, under coaches corner and must be submitted prior to the completion of the tryouts.
9.                 Coaches are not chosen until AFTER the teams are selected.
10.           Toward the end of the fall and the spring season the players will be asked to evaluate the coaches and the trainers on a confidential basis. These evaluations will be taken into account when the CYSC coaching committee determines who will coach the following season and the general feedback from these evaluations will be shared, if necessary, with the coaches on an individual basis.
11.            There is no assurance that if you coach one year you will again be appointed as the coach the following year. The committee will take into account the evaluations, the soccer knowledge and experience of the coach, how many players from the team decided not to continue playing in the program, the team’s WYSL sportsmanship ratings for the prior year and any other factors that the committee determines are relevant. 
12.            Coaches may be asked to meet with the coach selection committee in person.

13.            During May of each year the CYSC will conduct open tryouts to select teams for the following school year (the fall season and the spring season). Players that are currently playing on a CYSC team are required to attend the tryouts and are not guaranteed a spot on any team.
14.            A player needs to be either grade appropriate or age appropriate to attend a tryout.
15.            A player can specifically try out for goalie. If the player makes the team as a goalie at the U10 and U11 levels the player is required to play 50% of the game in goal and at the U12 and higher levels is required to play the entire game in goal. Each coach will have the discretion to play a goalie in goal for a shorter period of time, or not at all.
16.            A player that is selected to a team is required to play during both the fall and spring seasons, and is financially obligated for the entire year's dues.
17.            A player may try out for an older team or aged based team (vs. grade)  only with the approval of the CYSC, and may try out for more than one team if the tryout dates permit. When trying out to "play up" the player must place in the top half of the A team to qualify. 
18.            Before the end of the fall and spring seasons, coaches and trainers are required to rank all their players in order of ability. Coaches can not rank their own children. These rankings will be sent to one CYSC board member and will be kept confidential. These ranking will be used to assist in the tryout and team selection process. They should also be used by coaches to track player development.
19.            No parent coaches will be involved in any aspect of the tryout process. At U11 and up, there will be a meeting shortly after the conclusion of tryouts. The meeting will be run by the age group coordinator and only one coach from each prior year’s team is permitted to attend. THE MEETING IS STRICTLY TO REVIEW THE TRYOUT RESULTS AND NOT TO SELECT PLAYERS. TEAMS ARE DETERMINED BY TRYOUT RESULTS AND RANKINGS ONLY.
20.            Each team will have 1 head coach and 1 or 2 assistant coaches. Only 2 coaches are permitted on the sidelines during a game. Each coach is required to register on the CYSC website and complete a background check with the Town of New Castle (submit the Volunteer Consent Form on the New Castle Rec. Dept. website) and a WYSL Risk Management form (see risk management on the left side of the WYSL website). Both the background check and the risk management forms must be done every two years.
21.            At the U12 level and higher the head coach will be a non-parent professional. In some cases their will be a professional head coach at a younger level. The head coach will be responsible for running the practices, creating the weekly line ups and the final coaching decisions during the games. All assistant coaches will be responsible for assisting during the practices and during the games to help the head coach with all issues that arise in connection with the players, parents and game officials.
22.            In order to receive a coaching pass all coaches that have not previously coached in the WYSL are required to attend a 2 hour course during the fall season and an 8 hour course during the winter. In addition, you will need to upload a 2 x 2 photo of yourself to the CYSC registration site. A $100 late fee will be assessed if the photo or other coaching requirements are not completed on a timely basis.
23.            Uniforms are ordered by each player from Eurosport. (link on the left side of the CYSC website.) Each player needs one white jersey and one blue jersey, shorts and a set of team blue socks (it is recommend to have 2 pairs of socks). A player may also order CYSC soccer bags from Eurosport. Your team may only order CYSC approved merchandise.  No names are placed on the jerseys. The uniforms should be ordered at least two month before the beginning of the season.
24.            Uniform numbers will be assigned. After U9 players new to the program will be assigned numbers beginning with the next highest number. This numbering system is used to avoid players having to buy new uniforms if they move between teams. DO NOT REPEAT ANY NUMBERS WITHIN AN AGE GROUP EVER AS PLAYERS WHO LEAVE THE PROGRAM MAY TRYOUT AGAIN IN FUTURE YEARS.
25. Players can also order warm-ups. Warm-ups are ordered through Boathouse. Players will receive an email at the beginning of July about ordering warm-ups.
26.            Each team should purchase two game balls (higher quality) and five practice balls.
27.            Each coach should have a CYSC coaching shirt, first aid kit, extra ice packs, extra shin guards, extra socks and a goalie jersey.
28.            After the teams are selected and if possible before the players leave for their summer plans, the head coach should have a team meeting. At the meeting:
a.               Remind parents to order uniforms and warm ups ASAP. All coaches are required to purchase coaching shirts from the CYSC which should be worn at each game.

b.                 get a signed medical release form from each parent which you keep and bring to any games, including tournaments. The form does not need to be notarized. It is recommended that EVERY coach have 3 copies. One to keep in each car his family drives and an extra one to keep with he first aid kit. this will prevent you from being without the forms.

c.                  inform the parents that they must notify the coach if their child is going to miss a practice or a game.

d.                   appoint a team manager who will be responsible for all off field duties including, but not limited to: the team’s finances, arranging make-up games, and signing up for tournaments. 

e.                 the costs of playing on a team range from $500 to $1,300 depending on how many tournaments you participate in, whether you practice during the winter and the cost of your trainer. This cost should be told to the parents at the team meeting. Let parents know that financial aid from the CYSC is available and can be applied for on a confidential basis (the application is available on the CYSC website, under parent's corner.) The best way to collect the money and estimate the cost for the entire year. Ask each family for the entire amount or half the amount payable prior to 9/1. Estimate a round number per family and round up.

f.                 find out which practice days are best for each player. DO NOT decide on a firm day at the meeting, just collect a list of after school and Saturday conflicts. find our which days are religious commitments.

g.                   remind parents to immediately register on line on the CYSC website for the pre-season camp.

h.                   give your passes from the prior year (both coach and player passes), team’s photos to the CYSC registrar, who will order the player and coach’s passes for the next season. If a trainer will attend some or all of your games the trainer also needs a coaching pass. There is no charge for coaching passes. Any team that does not provide all the information required to register a team to its age group coordinator by the deadline imposed by the registrar will be fined $100 by the CYSC. The fine must be paid before the team will be given their player and coaching passes.
29.            Preseason training camp will be held from Monday through Friday. The camp runs for 3 hours each day and are done in the morning, afternoon and evenings.
30.            The camp is optional, but STRONGLY encouraged.
31.             The cost is discounted for early registraiton.  However, there is no assurance that space will be available for late registrations.
32.            If available, a team’s trainer will assist at the preseason camp and teams will train together. Coaches are not required to attend the preseason camp, but should try and attend at least one of the sessions.

33.            Once the CYSC receives its field allocations from the Town you will be contacted and asked to request a practice time. (late June)
34.            Practices are twice a week for 1.5 hours and games are on Sunday afternoons. Practice times should take into account religious school conflicts and in the spring should not conflict with baseball, softball or lacrosse. Typically there is one mid-week practice and one Saturday practice.
35.            All practices are run by a professional trainer. The cost of the trainer is approximately $100-$130 per hour. For safety and liability reasons, two adults must be present at each practice for each team.
36.            A players must wear their practice jerseys to practice.
37.            All trainers will be assigned by CYSC.

38.            Practices during the winter are optional, but STRONGLY encouraged. Teams can also play in winter leagues and tournaments. The CYSC will assist in arranging practice times during the winter. The costs of renting indoor practice time will be paid by the individual teams. During the winter basketball must be given priority over soccer.
39.            After each season teams may be moved between divisions based on their performance during the season. New teams will be seeded by CYSC.
40.            Approximately one to two months before the season begins you will be asked for a list of game day conflicts/specific game time requests. This is your one chance to try and avoid Sunday game conflicts. Only religious conflicts will be considered by the WYSL.
41.            Game times and locations may not be changed. The final schedule will be received approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. The schedule will be posted on the WYSL website. Directions to fields are also available on the WYSL website.
42.            Referees are arranged by the WYSL. You can check the WYSL website to confirm that a referee has been assigned to your game.
43.            In order to confirm that fields are open for practices and games you should register and have all the players on your team register with the Town of New Castle for email delivery of field status. To register you should go to mynewcastle.org and under the Parks and Recreation webpage you should click on CODE RED. 
44.            Once the WYSL game schedule is posted, check to see if your team has any TBS (to be scheduled) games. Contact the CYSC field coordinator to obtain a field and two possible dates. Then contact the opposing coach. Once the date is agreed to, you need to submit a make-up form to WYSL. The form is located under "forms" on the left hand side of the WYSL website. TBS games must be scheduled by the 3rd game of the season. They can be played at anytime and do not need to be played on Sundays.
45.            Teams can also participate in the State Cup (Division 1 and 2 teams) and Challenge Cup (Division 3 and lower teams) season long single elimination tournament. See the WYSL website for details.
46.            There are tournaments that teams are encouraged to participate in on Labor Day, Columbus Day and Memorial Day. A list of tournaments can be found on the WYSL website. You need to inform your teams well in advance to make sure you will have enough players. Most tournaments permit you to bring 3 guest players. At many tournaments club patches are exchanged. CYSC does not have patches.
47.            Players and coaches passes, a completed line up sheet and medical release forms need to be brought to each game. The line up sheet can be printed from the WYSL website. The referee will check the passes before each game and no player or coach will be permitted to play or coach without a pass. By Thursday of each week a coach should contact the coach of the opposing team to confirm the game time, field location and color of jerseys to be worn. Always tell your teams to bring both jerseys to each game. The coaches should wear their CYSC coaching shirts at EVERY game and tournament.
48.            Coaches and players should arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of a game. Prior to the game the coaches should make sure the players are stretched out and should run organized drills.
50.            Substitutions during a game can be made at any stoppage of play. Players may only enter from the center line and must wait for the player that he or she is replacing to be off the field.
51.            Each team is required to provide a linesperson for a game who is responsible to indicate when a ball is out of play.
52.            The home team is required to provide two game balls.
53.            Other than for high school games and BU14 games, if no referee shows up for a game the game may be refereed by an assistant coach or a parent. Each team should provide a referee for a half unless they agree to have the same person referee the entire game. It is strongly suggested that at least one parent from each team become a certified referee. The WYSL website has information on when the referee courses are offered.
54.            Any issues with a referee should be brought to the attention of the CYSC referee coordinator.
55.            The score of each league game MUST be submitted by 8:00 p.m. each SUNDAY to . You can also submit a game summary to www.newcastleNOW.org.
56.            For each game a team will receive a sportsmanship rating from the referee. This rating will take into consideration the conduct of the coaches, parents and players during the game. Teams that finish the season with the first or second highest average sportsmanship ratings in their divisions will receive a special patch from the WYSL. The sportsmanship rating are posted each week on the WYSL website.