The CYSC High School program provides players with an opportunity to play competitive club soccer in-town! Depending on the level of interest we will  be forming either one or two teams.


Any interested player will need to register prior to Labor Day . (Registration information below)



Fall: The season will begin after the HGHS season ends. The team will likely play a few fall tournaments, and then head indoors for the Armonk Indoor winter practice and league.


Winter: The team will practice at Armonk Indoor.  It is our hope to participate in a tournament or 2, and the Armonk Indoor league as well.


Spring: The team will practice twice a week in the Spring with WYSL games played on 10 Sundays from April - mid- June.



Players must register online by logging on to www.chappaquasoccer.org and clicking “online registration” located on the left hand side. At the same time the player must up-load a recent photo of themselvesand pay a non-refundable deposit to hold their spot. At the end of the sign up you will need to confirm in two places in order to receive a confirmation. MAKE CERTAIN YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION. (Financial aid is available.)

High School Travel Teams FAQs

1. Number of Teams- The number of teams formed will be based on the level of interest. If there is enough interest from the players we will form two teams. Interested players will need to register in the late summer. It is likely we will form 1 team for boys and 1 team for girls.

2.Trainers: The teams will be professionally trained.

3. Player Team PlacementTryout will be held if the number of registered players warrents a tryout.  Teams will be age based if there are two teams.

4. Eligibility-All players who live in the town of New Castle or are eligible to attend Chappaqua schools and meet the age requirements for U15-U18  can play. Players who attend a high school other than HGHS or attend HGHS but do not play on one of the HGHS soccer teams are eligible to play.

5. Spring practices - Practices will be 2x per week. Some teams will practice weekday/Saturday others weekday/weekday. Please note that practices are mandatory. If your child plays an HGHS spring sport (lacrosse, baseball, softball, tennis, track etc...) he/she is required to come to all CYSC practices. CYSC practices will be at 6-7:30pm on weekdays, and may occur at anytime on Saturdays.

6. Playing time: There is a 0% playing time requirement. (This means even if your child attends all plracitces he/she may get zero playing time.)