1.  Email Stacey Reynolds with a proposed date and time as well as an  alternate date. Stacey will confirm your request and it will be “penciled” into the CYSC field schedule.

2.  Contact the opposing team and propose the 2 possible dates and times. (WYSL requires that one of the proposed dates be a Saturday)

3.  Once you reach
agreement with the opposing team, complete the WYSL Make-up Game form for a TBS or make-up game.  Do not complete the form until you have confirmed the date with the opposing coach.

  • Go to www.wyslsoccer.org
  • Go to Forms.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom under Misc. Forms and look for “Make-up Form”
  • Email or fax the form to WYSL
  • WYSL will send you an email once the game has been scheduled with a copy of the email to David. Your day and time is not official until you and David receive this email.
  • By not submitting the form ASAP you run the risk that your proposed date will be “erased” from the CYSC field schedule and given to another team.

4. The WYSL will schedule the ref. You will be responsible to make certain the flags are at the field and then returned at the end of the game.