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https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/4918/US Club Medical Form.doc

 All tryout times/dates subject to change and will be updated at: www.chappaquasoccer.org

The Program and Commitment:

Players born in 2011 MUST also read the 2011 travel program on the left hand side. 2011evaluation dates - below.

The Chappaqua Youth Soccer Club is organized for players born in 2011 and older who wish to make a 10 month commitment to competitive soccer. This program runs from September through the end of June, and places teams in the Westchester Youth Soccer League. Each 2010 and older team will practice for 3 hours per week  - two 1.5 hour sessions.  2011s will practice 1.5 hours per week. All teams regardless of age will practice with a professional trainer in the Fall and Spring. All teams regardless of age will play games on Sundays in Westchester and Rockland Counties and New York City. (premier level teams will play games on Saturdays and or Sundays.) Winter practices and game schedules differ by team and are STRONGLY encouraged, but not required.  The annual cost varies by team/age from $750-$1600 per year, plus CYSC fees of $250, and the cost of the uniform.  Financial aid is available to those who meet the requirements.

Additionally, while it is not required, over 85% of CYSC players participate in the CYSC Pre-Season Camp 8/26-8/30. Discounts will be offered to players who enroll at the same time they accept their invitation to play. 


Playing time: - effective July 2018


Playing time  rules for players that regularly attend practices and games and participate in a constructive manner

(U9 and U10): Minimum playing time is  on average, 40% of each game
(U11): Minimum playing time is on average, 25% of each game.
(U12-U14): Minimum playing time is, on average, 25% of each game unless the team is D2 or higher in which case there will be no playing time minimum.

For all age groups this means that some players will play close to 100% of the game and others will play the minimum amount.

The CYSC will be holding tryouts for their 2019-2020 Travel Teams for interested players born before 2010. (Evaluations will be held for 2011 players. See 2011 travel description.) The tryout schedule is listed below and attendance at all tryouts/evaluations for your age group is required. Tryouts are open to all students attending Chappaqua Schools or living in the Town of New Castle. The tryouts will be monitored by Club-approved trainers and CYSC board members.  Please note: Missing a CYSC tryout for a tryout at another club, or participation in a practice, game or tournament with another club is not considered an excused absence and will be taken into consideration when forming teams. This includes other sports or other activities. PLAYERS WILL ONLY BE PERMITTED TO TRYOUT BY BIRTH YEAR. (As per the USSF, US Club, and the WYSL rules)

All tryout participants must wear a gray or white t-shirt, cleats and shin guards, and bring plenty of water. Current and former CYSC players, as well as current and former players from outside clubs are not permitted to wear any part of their travel uniforms including their practice jersey to the tryouts. Players should plan to arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to the start of the tryouts to check in and receive a number and a pinny. Parents (and other caregivers) will not be permitted to remain at the field during the tryouts. All tryouts will be DROP OFF at the field  Players will sign themselves in at the field. If your child is mature enough to play travel soccer...then he/she is mature enough to check them self in.
The number of teams selected for each age group will depend on the number of players trying out and the caliber of play. The number of teams will also be dependent on the number of players accepting their invitation to play. Players are required to attend all practices and play in Sunday(Saturday for Premier teams) games during the Fall and the Spring seasons which are typically ten weeks each. 

U9/U10 = 7v7

U11/U12 = 9v9

U13/U14 = 11v11
In order to try out, players must register online between March 4 - April 1 2019 by logging on to (copy into your browser) https://fcchappaqua.siplay.com/site/  At the end of the sign up you will need to confirm in two places in order to receive a confirmation. MAKE CERTAIN YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION. New player and players with expired photos will be required by the system to upload a new photo.

 If you are a NEW player to the program or did not play on a CYSC team for the 2018/2019 season, please:

--upload a photo of the player by clicking your child's name, then click account settings on the right, and then click change image or upload image. 

NEW Players (those that didn't play for the 2018/2019 season,) MUST bring a copy of their birth certificate and a US Club Youth Registration and Medical Form (click HERE for the document) to the parent tryout meeting in April. The form does not need to be notarized, and can be found at (you will need to paste this link into your browser.)



New players MUST have all of the above submitted to tryout-NO EXCEPTIONS

Additional Tryouts For Goalies:  
Please note that if you are 2008 or older and you tryout to be a goalie, you are expected to be willing to play goalie for the entire game for all games.  For 2010 and 2009, you will be expected to be willing to play goalie 50% of each game.  (There will not be goalie tryouts at 2011.) Actual playing time as a goalie will be determined by individual coaches/teams.  Goalie tryouts will be held during one of your child's regular age group tryouts (except for U9.)

Announcement Of Teams And Acceptance of Your Invitation To Play:
CYSC will stagger the announcement of teams between 5/6- 6/2.   Players who are invited to play will have 1 day to accept their invitation to play and pay a $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold their spot on a team.(Players who fail to accept their invitation during the registration period may risk losing their spot.) PLEASE NOTE CYSC CAN NOT GUARANTEE THAT ONCE A TEAM IS ANNOUNCED ALL OF THE PLAYERS WILL ACCEPT THEIR INVITATION TO PLAY, AND THEREFORE CAN NOT GUARANTEE THE TEAM WILL EXIST UNTIL ALL OF THE INVITED PLAYERS ACCEPT.

Players who register for the CYSC Pre-season Camp at the same time they accept their invitation to play will receive a discount on the camp tuition. Details on team acceptance and camp registration will be forwarded when the teams are announced.

CYSC Pre-Season Camp 2019 DATES:  Monday August 26 -  Friday August 30 - Open ONLY to CYSC players. Details to follow with the team announcements.

Anyone interested in coaching a travel team, who has not coached during the 2018-2019 season, should complete a coaching application by logging on to 


Coaching selections will be made by the Coaching Committee of CYSC, AFTER the tryouts have been completed and the teams have been formed. 

TRYOUT SCHEDULE: As of 3/7/19   DATES AND TIMES ARE SET IN STONE, but due to unforseeable events are always subject to change.  Please check this website for updated information.  Changes listed in BOLD.

  • Check in (and pick up) for  tryouts will be via drop off at Amsterdam Field #1 
  • 2011 parents may park andwalk thier child to the field
  • You will be directed around the rotary at Amsterdam for drop off/pick up - PLEASE CARPOOL : )
  • There will be PLENTY of adults to help your child
  • If two tryouts are listed for your age group you are expected to attend BOTH tryouts
    • In the event of a rainout tryouts will take place at Armonk Indoor with potential time changes
    • Reminder: NO CLEATS AT ARMONK -sneakers or turf shoes permitted
    • DROP OFF: Please walk your child to the door at Armonk, but do not enter. (CYSC will have plenty of adults to help your child)
    • PICK UP: Please wait for your child at the covered picnic area -opposite the Armonk Indoor playground. 


U9 Girls - Born in 2011 - Saturday 5/4 5:30-7pm at Amsterdam (5:05 drop off)
U10 Girls – Born in 2010- Saturday 5/4 12:30-1:45pm at Amsterdam (12:15pm drop off)

U11 Girls – Born in 2009- Saturday 5/4 8:15-9:30am at Amsterdam (8am drop off)

U12 Girls – Born in 2008 - Saturday 5/4 1:45-3pm at Amsterdam (1:30am drop off)

U13 Girls – Born in 2007 - Saturday 5/4 3-4:15 pm at Amsterdam (2:45pm drop off)
U14 Girls – Born in 2006 - Monday 4/30 4:00-5:30pm at Upper Gedney (3:45pm drop off)

U9 Boys-Born in 2011 - Saturday 5/4  5:30-7pm at Amsterdam (5:05 drop off)

U10 Boys – Born in 2010 - Saturday 5/4 7-8:15am at Amsterdam (6:45am drop off)

U11 Boys – Born in 2009 - Saturday 5/4 4:15-5:30pm at Amsterdam (4pm drop off)

U12 Boys – Born in 2008 -  Saturday 5/4 11:15-12:45pm at Amsterdam (11am drop off)
U13 Boys – Born in 2007 – Saturday 5/4 9:30-11:15am  at Amsterdam (9:15am  drop off)
U14 Boys – Born in 2006  - Monday 4/29  5:30-6:45pm Upper Gedney (5:15 drop off)


TRYOUT REGISTRATION IS OPEN Mid-March thru 4/1. Register by copying the link below or by clicking tryout/registration/login on the leftside of this page.